The Indian Journal of Design Engineering (IJDE) is having ISSN 2582-8584 (online), half yearly international journal, being published in the months of February and August by Lattice Science Publication (LSP)🔗 Bhopal (M.P.), India since year 2021.

Author (s) can submit article, round the year, electronically by using Article Submission System. The submitted article should be original, scientific, cutting edge, high quality, result oriented and within the scope🔗 of the journal that will publish in upcoming volume / issue if accepted. Author (s) will get notification along with review report if article will accept by the reviewers. 

The primary goal of the new editors🔗 is to maintain high quality of publications. There will be a commitment to expediting the time taken for the publication of the article(s). The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors deleted with a view towards enhancing the objectivity and fairness of the review process.

Articles that are devoted to the purely mathematical aspects without a discussion of the physical implications of the results or the consideration of specific examples are discouraged. Articles concerning Design Engineering of Mechanical Engineering should not be limited merely to a description and recording of observations but should contain theoretical and quantitative discussion of the results.

Article Submission System

If there is any problem in uploading the article through the form given below then the author can also send the article via email to with the following details: Your name, Mobile No, WhatsApp No, Country Name, Email, Other email (optional), Area/Scope of the article that must be within the scope🔗 of the journal, Author(s) Name (Min-01, Max 05), Title of the Article, Name of the journal.

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